Tom Kral


Welcome to my portfolio. This is a showcase of the projects I've done or working on at the moment. Most projects I've done to learn myself new techniques.

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Identifying Preferences in the Clientele of a Coffeehouse

Analyses of sales data from a local business to identify patterns in items sold.

Python, Market Basket Analysis, Visualization

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Would I Have Survived the Titanic?

A classification project with passenger data from the most famous shipwreck. I used this data to make a k-NN model that can predict whether someone would survive the disaster or not. Including myself.

Classification, k-NN, Python, Webapp

bird image
Detecting birds with the Raspberry Pi

With a Raspberry Pi and camera, I created a pipeline to detect birds that visit the feeder on my balcony. This information gives me more insight in the lives of urban birds.

Python, SQL, Raspberry Pi

lotr image
Are the Lord of the Rings Movies Actually Good Adaptations of the Books?

How well did the movies capture the emotional and thematic essence of the books?

R, Sentiment Analysis

covid image
Does Sentiment, Expressed by Tweets, Have an Effect on Vaccination Coverage With COVID-19 Vaccinations?

Finding a possible link between sentiments and number of injections given.

R, Sentiment Analysis, Linear Regression