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Tom Kral

IT Trainee & Big Data Enthusiast


I believe that for every analytical problem, there are results to be gained. Every outcome tells us something that we can learn from. It's my ambition to analyse problems and/or questions and come to a solution in a structured manner. Data analyses can either change or confirm the way we see things. I aspire to guide myself and others to making better decisions faster. By doing studies, traineeships and my own projects I want to specialize in the fields of Big Data and Machine Learning to reach these goals.

Work Experiences

Junior Data Engineer Wise

OCLC | 2022 - Present

OCLC builds technology that connects thousands of public libraries. Wise is one of the software products made by OCLC that facilitates these connections. I'm part of the data team that facilitates an analytics pipeline for Business Intelligence purposes. This work experience is through the IT traineeship program of YoungCapital NEXT and a continuation of the program.

IT Trainee Big Data

YoungCapital NEXT | 2022

The Young Capital Next agency provides an IT traineeship to boost careers. In two years I will be prepped as a junior Big Data/BI engineer. While gaining experience in the work field, I will also receive training and courses to gain certificates. This work/learn combination ensures I gain knowledge from both a theoretical and practical side. The traineeship started with a 4 week general bootcamp and continued with courses specific to Big Data.

GEO Registration Employee

Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RvO) | 2020 - 2021

The RvO encourages entrepreneurs in sustainable, agrarian, innovative and international business. It helps with grants, finding business partners, know-how and compliance with laws. I'm part of the GEO team that investigates if the borders of Dutch farmlands are in accordance with regulations. I review the disagreements agrarians bring to our attention and check if our border needs to be changed or not. I use aerial photographs for this task. I also engage in conversations over the phone if the disagreements persist to provide explanations regarding the regulations. This way, my colleagues and I want to give Dutch agrarians a better understanding about the rules and a chance for them to be heard.

Data Entry Employee

Noordhoff Publishers | 2019

The learning methods of Noordhoff come with an online learning environment for students. I digitalised the textbooks to make the content and exercises available online. My projects included books for prospective nurses (higher education) and books for Dutch classes (high school).

Webcare Agent

Transcom | 2018

At this position I helped customers of a telecom provider with their issues. This was done by social media or chat. Issues I solved ranged from technical problems to financial errors. When necessary, I also assisted in the purchase of new products.

Intern Bioinformatics

University Medical Centre Groningen | 2017 & 2016

Department of Genetics (2017): The main goal of this project was to identify at least one alternative clustering method to substitute the current software used by the department.
Department of Medical Microbiology (2016): This project aimed to aid in screenings by analyzing Next-generation Sequencing data in a bioinformatic pipeline.


Detecting birds with the Raspberry Pi

Python, SQL, Raspberry Pi

One of my hobbies is bird watching, but don't always have the time. With a Raspberry Pi and camera, I created a pipeline to detect birds that visit the feeder on my balcony. This information gives me more insight in the lives of urban birds.

Does Sentiment, Expressed by Tweets, Have an Effect on Vaccination Coverage With COVID-19 Vaccinations?

R, Sentiment Analysis, Linear Regression

This was my final project at the LOI. During my studies, the pandemic became a worldwide dilemma. Vaccinating is the answer, but opinions about this approach differ. I asked myself if these sentiments can be measured, and if they have an effect on the willingness of people to receive an injection.