Tom Kral

Tom Kral

IT Trainee & Big Data Enthusiast
I'm an IT trainee that specializes in Big Data. By doing studies, traineeships and my own projects I want to become more and more proficient in gaining insights from large volumes of data. Researching data and making new discoveries is something that gets me out of bed in the morning. I strive towards making the lives of myself and others easier by performing solid analyses on data.
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What I do

I'm currently learning new techniques and refining existing ones. My current skillset consists of the following programming languages and techniques.


I use Python for most of my projects. The applications range from single scripts to small OOP applications. My go to libraries are Pandas, Matplotlib and Seaborn. I currently getting familiar with using scikit-learn in combination with Python.


This is the language I use when things get a little more statistical. While a lot of operations can also be performed with Python, I maintain my R knowledge just in case. This language was my starting point for learning machine learning.


The RDBMS I use the most for my projects. I use MySQL to get my data from and to a database. I later perform operations on said data with Python for example. When using my Raspberry Pi, I use it's cousin MariaDB.

Machine Learning

Throughout my learning process, I tend to focus on Machine Learning. To me, this is one of the most exiting areas of IT. Designing models to gain new insights is very satisfactory.


I possess basic knowledge of both HTML and CSS and use it to maintain this website for example. Other uses are easier communications with front end colleagues.