Welcome to my digital portfolio

My name is Tom Kral. I'm a Bioinformatics student at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen, the Netherlands. At this moment I'm in my final year and doing an internship at the University Medical Centre Groningen at the department of Genetics.
This website is meant to give insight in the projects I did as a student and perhaps the field of Bioinformatics in general.

Quite a few people think of us as IT or programmers. While I do possess knowledge about computers and programming languages, I also have been educated in the fields of genetics, biology, (bio)chemistry and statistics for example. This means that Bioinformaticians often work together with analysts in teams. We, among other things, proces and analyze large quantities of data by harnessing the computional power of the computer. This data is often generated by labequipment.
So I'm not the one that fixes computers but the one that enhances biological research.